Volt Athletics

The cornerstone of delivering an incredible in-app experience starts with technically sound, visually pleasing content.

Volt App

Consistent Action = Consistent Results

To live up to their promise of offering a world-class training experience, VOLT Athletics needed world-class content to tie into their app UI. Within the VOLT app, the user is able to not only see high-resolution images of each of the workout movements but also a looping video showing how each workout movement is executed. Multiply this by over 2,000 different training movements in their library, and it was clear we were going to need a repeatable solution to capture every movement over multiple production days.

High-Resolution Resolution

Our vision was to capture every movement live in-studio and then parse out both stills and motion from the same shoot. This allowed us to rotate between a few athletes, so no one was overworked. It also allowed us to maintain consistency between each of the four shoots which took place over the span of three months and are still updated every so often to add new workout movements to the library. Shooting everything in 4K ProRes gave us the ability to crop accordingly, and also grab stills to be utilized within the app interface.

Seamless UI

The final result was integrated into an incredibly beautiful interface that allows users to visualize each of the movements they are being asked to perform via looping video as well as thumbnail images. The repeatability and scalability of this project is what allowed this project to shine since VOLTs movement library is constantly growing – they needed a shooting technique that would accommodate that.