Clayton Agri-Marketing

Highlighting the fortitude and tenacity of one of the world’s largest agricultural exporters.

A High “Steaks” Situation

When you hire Clayton Agri-Marketing as your agricultural exporter, you are treated with hands-on customer service. A leader in the agricultural export industry, CAMI hoped to capture their entire export process from start to finish – showcasing the extent of their involvement. CAMI sought a brand video that encompassed their tradition of hands-on service.

Saddle Up

In order for us to fully commit to delivering an on-brand product, we first needed to understand exactly what CAMI did for their clients…and why. We spent weeks researching the agricultural export industry, how and why customers utilized CAMI, and how CAMI helped streamline this process for their clients. We asked every question from why Vietnam was importing US genetics to what the USDA/APHIS process looked like for exporting dairy cattle. At the end of the day, it was udderly clear, we weren’t going to solve world hunger – but we might play a small part in helping Vietnam end childhood malnourishment.

Weathered the Weather

As it turns out, it’s pretty challenging to plan a shoot around the arrival of a 4-thousand ton livestock cargo vessel inbound in inclement seas. Flexibility here was key to our success, as the vessel ended up being behind schedule and docked during a record-breaking snowfall event for the entire PNW.

True Grit

Through freezing rain and 8” of snowfall, Clayton Agri-Marketing along with the Port of Olympia and the International Longshore Workers Union pulled off an incredible feat: loading 1,600 head of cattle bound for Vietnam. We were incredibly honored to capture such hard-working individuals in such intense working conditions.